So far, only fetched the latest submissions to the astro-ph category of arXiv. Papers from other categories were accesible, but only via an Author/Title query, which went to the ADS server. From today on, reads the latest submissions from all categories.

Added selector to User Interface

Reading these data sets in does not help you much if you cannot select the arXiv categories according to your liking. Hence, I added a new tree structure for the categories and subcategories to the ArXiv search panel.


Before this change, the main source of papers was the ADS server, as it provides information on both preprint and refereed papers. I changed this behavior now and obtain most of the information from the daily submissions to arXiv (which is given in the form of RSS feeds).

One problem, which arises now, is the following: What should I do if an ADS query returns a paper, published on arXiv, which is not yet in the database. This happens essentially for all arXiv papers, which have been submitted before started fetching the RSS feeds on a regular basis. So far, I used the information from ADS (title, authors, arXiv ID etc.), but what ADS does not provide is the arXiv category, which is required in the new scheme.

Therefore I came handy that arXiv has its own API, which allows several types of queries, including one for the arXiv ID. Problem solved, thanks to the API builders.

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