Today I added a blog to keep you updated on the changes I introduce to either fundamentals or user interface of I’ll also try to initiate some discussion on what should be for its users, what features should be added, etc.

I’ll use this opportunity to highlight some changes I made to the user interface this time:

  • The query grid on the main page has been changed from paging (page 1 of 14…) to a continuous, scrolling grid. This was heavily requested to make optimal use of the vertical space in the browser window.
  • The query grid also has gotten an additional live-search field, which allows you to narrow down your result set by demanding words to be present in either the title, the author or the journal strings.
  • The font-size in the grid and the vertical space between the lines have been increased such as to allow for less strenuous reading, in particular on smaller screens.
  • The tag box on the paper detail page now also shows the most common tags other people have given to the paper (in gray), until you choose your own tags, then it shows yours, of course. This enables the tag search even if you have not defined your own tags.

Several other improvements are on my ToDo list, foremost the ‘reference management’ feature, which would allow you to download (and possibly also upload) the BibTeX file of the papers in ‘My library’; and the ‘journal club page’, where members of a journal club can add the papers they have discussed (or are about to discuss). I’ll keep you updated on this, by means of the new blog.

Tell me what you think about it, and what other features you want to see implemented at

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