I’ve worked hard to improve the usability and extend the feature set of the website. In short:

  1. The user interface is now nice and slick, thanks to Twitter’s excellent Bootstrap HTML/CSS framework. I have streamlined the typical use cases, which means you get where you want faster than before.
  2. The biggest change is the introduction of the “Amazing all-in-one search”. You can just type in your search queries in a single field, combine them in any way, with a synthax that is inspired by ADS and Twitter searches.

    Example: “^Melchior, P. 2010-” gives you my papers from the last two years.

  3. The ratings on each paper will only be displayed if there are more than 5 ratings available. This limits the influence of the first couple of ratings and makes the process somewhat fairer.

  4. There is a quick arXiv lookup, synchronized to the daily submissions, which allows you to browse through papers from any combination of arXiv categories, e.g. astro-ph.CO, physics.data-an, and q-fin.PM (for the financially inclined). Your categories of choice can be easily set in your preferences.
  5. You can now use your browser’s back and forth buttons, all navigation appears normally in the browser history and can be bookmarked.
  6. The comments now support LaTeX input, because maths is the language we tend to express our thoughts in.

So, have a look at the new faster and nicer PaperRater.org. If you encounter weird things that are not supposed to happen, drop me a line and I’ll have a look.

But, there is more to come:

  • A notification module will allow you to inform your friends of papers they might want to have a look at.
  • You will also be able to send comments on papers directly to your friends. Think: private comment / instant message.
  • The largest effort will be the group module: By forming groups of users, journal clubs can announce their meetings, list the papers for each meeting, and share comments between club members.

These features will greatly improve our ability to collaboratively read and digest papers. So, stay tuned, PaperRater.org keeps getting better.

For any suggestions, criticism, praise on the update, leave a comment below and don’t hesitate to contact me (see “About” at the bottom of the page). If you want to help with the upcoming features, your contribution will be highly appreciated.

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