I compiling a list of necessary improvements, based on the feedback I got:

  • The browser navigation is disfunctional, e.g. the back button doesn’t work as expected. I know, and I hate it, too. Unfortunately, the JavaScript framework ExtJS is feature-rich, but doesn’t make it easy to incorporate browser history events. This will wait until the next redesign…
  • There is no way if “sending” a friend a paper on the site. True, currently there are no friends, at least you can’t see who is your friend. This opens the can of worms of collaboration features, something I definitely want.
  • Import of references, so that you have your entire paper collection in one place. While export in BibTeX is fairly straightforward, importing them requires matching against ADS, and I don’t know whether there is a useful interface for doing this.
  • From my previous to-do list: the journal club pages.

Somewhen I’ll find time to do this.

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